Accidents can be prevented:

Crane accidents are often the direct result of negligence of the crane-related professional or the lack of adequate operator training or experience.

  • 90% of crane accidents occur due to human error
  • 80% of all crane upsets are attributed to operators exceeding the crane’s operational capacity
  • 54% of these incidents are the result of swinging the boom or making a lift without the outriggers full extended
  • 45% of all mobile crane accidents involve electrocution that results from the crane contacting a power source during operation
  • 40% the victims were struck by an object (such as an uncontrolled hoisted load or crane part)
  • 50% of U.S. crane accidents that had injuries in 2009 resulted in fatalities
  • 80 lift and material handling equipment workers are killed each year, on average

Not only are workers seriously injured or killed, but bystanders and passersby are also being injured and killed at an alarming rate by crane accidents. Incident and fatalities happen with all types of cranes, including mobile and overhead cranes.

Did you know that when an accident happens, everyone can be held liable, including, but not limited to, the operator/rigger, the company, and the property owners?

The lack of training costs more than tuition. With looming dangers and inevitable fines from lack of well-trained operators, riggers and signal persons, it makes sense for businesses to invest in education.

The hidden costs of lack of training:

  • Missed Work Days
  • Increased Insurance Rates
  • OSHA Fines
  • Litigation
  • Lost Business Opportunities

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