Help Make Your Industry Safer

The American Wind Energy Association EHS Crane Task Force wrote in 2019 that the previous year, “the United States wind construction industry sustained multiple events related to crane work. Many of these incidents were extremely serious in nature and warranted an immediate call to action.”

Their paper on Ground Conditions was a great start.

We need to keep the conversation moving.

Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau have been training operators, riggers, lift directors and site supervisors in safe lifting practices for 52 years.

Recently, we were invited to join American Clean Power’s Wind Workforce Committee, and to serve on the Cranes & Rigging Micro-credential Team.

As we bring our expertise to the table, CICB is inviting the input of subject-matter experts in the wind industry.

If you have valuable stories, insights, skills or experience to share, we would love to hear from you.

CICB is a proud member of ACP and sits on the Wind Workforce Standards Committee
Improving Crane Safety in the Wind Industry
Which of these areas needs addressing first?
In which of these areas would you feel comfortable providing input and feedback for training development? (you may choose multiple)