Did you know that as a contractor on a project, you are responsible for the crane operations if you or your subcontractor hire/rent a crane? Any damages to the crane, work, employees and/or public can be your responsibility.

Many contractors are unaware that the rental/lease agreement they have signed requires them to pay for all damages – even if the operator is included with the crane.

According to OSHA Federal Law – five people are responsible for every mobile crane lift:

Crane Owner: The Crane Owner has custodial control of a crane by virtue or lease or ownership.

Crane User: The crane user arranges the crane’s presence on a worksite and controls its use there.

Site Supervisor: The Site Supervisor exercises supervisory control over the work site on which a crane is being used and over the work that is being performed on that site.

Lift Director: The Lift Director directly oversee the work being performed by a crane and the associated rigging crew.

Crane Operator: The crane operator directly controls the crane’s functions.

Learn more and stay in compliance by attending a seminar designed for Owners, Estimators, Safety Managers, Project Managers, Supervisors and Superintendents that use cranes on your project.

CICB’s Mobile Crane and Rigging Safety Awareness program is specifically designed to upgrade the existing knowledge and skill levels of all managers and supervisors involved in lifting operations. Topics covered include:

Load Charts and Interpretations

Critical Lift Planning

Proper Crane Set-up – including soil compaction, buried utilities, overhead lines, proper use of outrigger, cribbing, etc.

Inspections – Periodic and Annual, importance of documentation

Responsibilities – for Crane Owner, Crane User, Supervisor, Inspector, Lift Director, Operator, Rigger, and Signal Persons.

The information provided in the classroom is reinforced with hands-on application sessions with mobile cranes and rigging gear at CICB’s Houston and Orlando training facilities, at other scheduled locations through the United States, or at your site. All personnel attending this three-day program will gain significant and useful information required for safe crane operations. The information presented in this program is also a great tool for use in preparing for major construction projects, turnarounds and annual corporate safety meetings.
CICB’s program can be customized for your particular site, equipment and industry regulations, and can also be customized to emphasize any of your organizational policies and procedures.

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