CONEXPO 2020 promises to be an incredible event. Promoted as the largest construction trade show in North America, companies from all over the world use it as an opportunity to showcase their equipment and capabilities. Away from the booths, the expected 130,000 attendees also have a chance to listen to industry experts on a huge range of topics through the ‘Education’ program. As of 1/24/2020, the number of CONEXPO 2020 seminars available was 208, across 10 tracks, in four time slots, over 5 days.

The opportunities are both enormous and overwhelming. So, if you’re in a role that ever requires you to manage the safe operation of cranes, the following infographic should prove very useful.

We’ve selected our favorite seminars from the Crane and Safety tracks, as well as highlights from other tracks, and presented one possible route through CONEXPO. We certainly don’t recommend going to every seminar – you’ll want time to see booths, wander the show, and take some down-time – but these are the best of the bunch from Wednesday-Friday for you to browse through. For Tuesday, see our previous post on how to plan for your first day at CONEXPO.

ConExpo 2020 Seminar Infographic

Seminar Highlights

Wednesday and Thursday are the most useful days for CONEXPO 2020 seminars.

Wednesday’s highlight is Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau’s ‘Eat with the Experts event’. An informal Q&A roundtable over a complimentary lunch, the event will give attendees the chance to ask their questions to the best in the crane and lifting industry. Experts on the panel will include Jim Wiethorn, PH.D., P.E., an Engineering Specialist at Haag Engineering, and author of ‘Crane Accidents – A Study of Causes and Trends to Create a Safer Work Environment, 1983-2013’, the unprecedented, comprehensive look at over 500 crane accidents. In addition, Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau will be sending their Standards Expert and Technical Advisor Larry Kime, as well as John O’Connor, CICB’s Career School Director and  General Manager, Houston Operations.

Thursday sees a great line-up of seminars. Peter Juhren & Christopher Smith are delivering a crucial seminar on choosing the correct training program for your employees. Following them, Regina McMichael will deliver her advice on how to be a top safety trainer. She has more than 29 years experience in safety and health education. At 1:00, Dr. Jim Wiethorn will deliver his analysis of over 700 crane accidents, along with his recommendations on how to prevent them. Finally, close out the day with Joshua Franklin from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals to hear why certification is so important.

Friday, though it has a great selection of seminars, is also a prime day for wandering the show and visiting booths. As the last, full day of the expo, Friday should see smaller crowds and less demand for interactive experiences and the attention of booth staff.

Plan, plan, plan

As you choose, remember that most seminars will require you to pay to attend. In addition to your CONEXPO entry ticket, you can pay $69 for a single session, $195 for a day, or $395 for entry to any education session at the conference.

The exception on our list is Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau’s ‘Eat with the Experts’ Q&A lunch. Register to attend now, before spaces fill up.

It’s worth planning out your days in line with your SMART goals for CONEXPO 2020. Use the infographic as a guideline, but don’t be afraid to deviate from the path a little and plan in a way that suits you and your individual needs. Schedule breaks and don’t try and see everything. Remember – with 2800 booths, you’d have to see one booth every 46 seconds for every minute they’re open over the full 5 days to ‘see’ everything. Set goals, plan well, survive CONEXPO!

eGuide to CONEXPO 2020

If you’re looking for more tools and tips on how to plan for the event, check out our eGuide to CONEXPO 2020. Inside you’ll find tools for planning with SMART goals, printables including a team organizer, and a curated look at the best events, displays and seminars at CONEXPO 2020.

eGuide to ConExpo 2020