What are the existing practices witnessed by the surveyor doing the audit?

  • How are the operations of their cranes and their use of rigging?
  • What is the last 24 months of accident reports look like?
  • Can the operators read their load charts or capacity questions during inspections?
  • Are the riggers able to answer questions about sling and shackle capacities when based on tension?

What’s the status for training of personnel?

  • Are there records that substantiate the training for operators, riggers, signalpersons, maintenance personnel and supervisors?
  • Have they received training in the responsibilities of the lift director and critical lift planning?
  • Do their records contain examples of the training programs used for instruction?
  • Was there hands-on training then accompanied the classroom time?

What’s the condition of the equipment?

  • Is there a maintenance program in place, and are there records showing repairs and maintenance for all their cranes?
  • Is there a replacement program for their damaged rigging?
  • Was there a 3rd party conducting inspections and if so, was it pencil whipped or are they really finding items that have been overlooked during the daily and monthly inspections?

Is management willing to provide solutions? 

  • Is management willing to spend time and money to upgrade the equipment needed?
  • How do they respond to equipment being tagged “out” with work orders, or do they hide their personnel’s findings?
  • Is there a budget for all of the equipment (cranes, rigging, hoists) repairs, replacement, and new purchases?

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