Customized Advanced Rigger

CICB’s Customized Advanced Rigger Training program has been developed with the objectives to assist Organizations, Supervisors, Leaders and Trained Riggers to improve their knowledge of rigging practices, inspection techniques and use of rigging and rigging hardware. This five-day course of instruction is math intensive and will assist any organization in maintaining compliance with all applicable regulations and accepted safety standards. This course of instruction provides uniform guidance for an organization to develop and manage an effective and efficient program for management to utilize in the proper use and inspection of rigging and rigging hardware.

For on-site training at your facilities with your equipment, call us at 800-327-1386 or find out more about on-site Customized Advanced Rigger Training.

Applicable Regulations and Safety Standards:

  • Operating Practices for Hoisting and Rigging Operations
  • Understanding the Three Levels of Inspections
  • Developing an Effective and Practical Rigging Inspection Program
  • Inspection Techniques and Applicable Documentation
  • Organizational Responsibilities
  • Wire Rope Technology
  • Types of Communication and Proper Communication Methods
  • Mobile Crane Load Charts
  • Different Types of Slings and Their Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Calculating Weights of Normal and Complex Forms
  • Interpreting Rigging Cards and Rigging Hardware Cards
  • Determine Sling Loading and Loading on Rigging Hardware
  • Proper Use of Slings and Rigging Hardware
  • Below the Hook Lifting Devices
  • Dynamic Loading During Crane Operations
  • Determine Load Weights
  • Lift Planning Procedures and Supporting Documentation
  • Determine Load Centers of Gravity of Symmetrical and Non-Symmetrical Loads
  • Critical Lift Planning and Supporting Documentation
  • Multi-Crane Lift Planning Procedures for Complex Lifts
  • Determine Individual Crane’s Load Share
  • Drifting Loads and Determine Forces Incurred
  • Moving Loads with Rollers
  • Moving Loads on Inclined Surfaces
  • Proper Use of Jacks

Types of Cranes and Rigging/Rigging Hardware:

  • Overhead Cranes
  • Gantry Cranes
  • Underhung and Monorail Cranes
  • Hoists
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Wire Rope
  • Related Slings and Rigging Hardware
  • Rollers (Dollies/Trucks)
  • Spreader and Equalizer Beams
  • Jacks and Supporting Systems
  • Required Documentation


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For on-site training at your facilities with your equipment, call us at 800-327-1386 or fill out our contact form.

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