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Military Base Training

Providing Branch Specific Training for the Crane & Lifting Industry

No matter what branch of the military you’re in, you can count on CICB to train from the required standards for each branch. When military bases need Crane Operator Training, Rigger training, Crane Inspections or other training related to the crane and lifting industry, they call CICB. As a preferred vendor, CICB Subject Matter Experts have trained and consulted for all branches of the United States Military (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy), and other organizations such as NASA, Department of Energy, and Department of Transportation. CICB has the experience and clearance needed to work with the highest levels of government where safety and security requirements are a necessity.

Did you know that almost all CICB’s instructors are veterans? They’ve been in and around bases and understand the structure and attention to detail needed to get the job done. CICB provides services such as: crane operator training, rigger and signal person, train the trainer program and more. We share our skills and expertise to help prepare your personnel to safely lift, no matter what the object. All CICB’s Subject Matter Experts have been through the national E-Verify system, received their Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC) Cards, and are accustomed to complying with high-level security requirements.

CICB has four-day programs for the NAVFAC P-307, Army Corps of Engineers EM 385-1-1 and AFI 91-203. The four-day training courses are developed with the objective to assist all Military Bases (it’s repetitive), contractors or management and employers to achieve and maintain compliance with their comprehensive standards. These publications provide the uniformed programs for the management, maintenance, inspection, load test, certification, repair and operation of weight handling equipment (WHE). A thorough understanding of the publication will assist the user in understanding the requirements to evaluate that the equipment is safe to operate, that weight handling operations are conducted safely and efficiently, and that equipment service life is optimized.

Military Base Training Courses Available: