Overhead Crane/Hoist and Rigging Inspector

The Overhead Crane/Hoist and Rigging Inspector Training program is specifically designed to upgrade the existing knowledge and skill levels of all levels of overhead crane/hoist and rigging inspectors. The information provided in the classroom is reinforced with hands-on application sessions with overhead cranes/hoists and rigging gear at CICB’s Houston and Orlando training facilities, at other scheduled locations through the United States, or at your site. All personnel attending this three-day program will gain significant and useful inspection techniques and skills and will leave with a broader understanding and appreciation of the requirements and responsibilities of Overhead Crane/Hoist and Rigging Inspectors.

For on-site training at your facilities with your equipment, call us at 800-327-1386 or find out more about on-site Overhead Crane/Hoist and Rigging Inspector Training.

You will benefit from learning about:

  • Overhead Bridge Cranes, Monorail & Underhung Cranes,
    Jib Cranes, Rail Mounted & Rubber Tire Gantry Cranes
  • Applicable OSHA & ANSI/ASME Regulations and Standards
  • Crane and Hoist Design, Construction & Terminology
  • Effective Inspection Procedures and Checklists
  • Proper Use of Inspection Tools
  • Basic Crane, Hoisting and Rigging Gear Maintenance
  • Intervals for Crane Inspections
  • Manufacturer’s Recommendations
  • Inspection of Crane Safety Devices and Operational Aides
  • Crane Electrical System Inspection
  • Hoisting Systems’ Inspection
  • Wire Rope Design, Maintenance, and Inspection
  • Load Test Requirements and Procedures
  • Inspection of Various Crane Components including
    • Safety Devices and Stops
    • Rails and Runways
    • Drums
    • Motors
    • Insulators
  • Inspection of Rigging Hardware including
    • Hooks
    • Shackles
    • Hoist Rings
    • Eyebolts
    • Turn Buckles
    • Load Blocks
  • Inspection of Slings including
    • Wire rope slings
    • Synthetic slings
    • Alloy chain slings
    • Web Slings
    • Round Slings
    • Metal Mesh Slings
    • High Performance slings
    • Twin Path slings


To request a registration form please click on the date/location you wish to attend. You will be directed to a request form and we will get in touch with you shortly. Thank you.

Location Start Date End Date
Corpus Christi 08/21/19 08/23/19
Lake Charles, LA 08/28/19 08/30/19
Houston, TX 09/11/19 09/13/19
Salt Lake City, UT 09/11/19 09/11/19
Indianapolis, IN 09/18/19 09/20/19
Mobile, AL 09/25/19 09/27/19
Orlando, FL 09/25/19 09/27/19
Trenton, NJ 10/02/19 10/04/19
Atlanta, GA 10/09/19 10/11/19
Houston, TX 10/09/19 10/11/19
Louisville, KY 10/16/19 10/18/19
Houston, TX *Spanish* 10/16/19 10/18/19
Charleston, SC 10/23/19 10/25/19
San Antonio, TX 10/23/19 10/25/19
Orlando, FL 10/30/19 11/01/19
Charlotte, NC 10/30/19 11/01/19
Dallas, TX 11/06/19 11/08/19
Phoenix, AZ 11/06/19 11/08/19
Fort Myers, FL 11/20/19 11/22/19
Houston, TX 11/20/19 11/22/19
Knoxville, TN 12/04/19 12/06/19
Riviera Beach, FL 12/18/19 12/20/19
Orlando, FL 12/18/19 12/20/19
For on-site training at your facilities with your equipment, call us at 800-327-1386 or fill out our contact form.

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