Offshore Pedestal Crane Operator

NCCCO Pedestal Crane Training by CICB

The dangers of crane operations in the offshore environment cannot be overemphasized. Candidates that attend this three-day program will leave with a more thorough understanding of the critical elements of lifting and moving loads and personnel safely in an offshore environment. This program draws heavily from the API RP 2D recommended practices coupled with ASME B30.

For on-site training at your facilities with your equipment, call us at 800-327-1386 or find out more about Offshore Pedestal Crane Operator Training.

You will benefit from learning about:

  • Pedestal Crane Terminology and Definitions
  • Operator Qualifications and Training
  • Operator Responsibilities
  • Applicable OSHA, ASME, and API Safety Standards
  • Crane Components and Lifting
  • Capacities
  • Wire Rope Construction and Use
  • Upper Structure
  • Boom Structure
  • Limiting and Safety Devices
  • Sheaves
  • Proper Forms and Methods of Communication
  • Control Markings
  • Engine Emergency Stop
  • Gauges and Indicators
  • Operator Pre-Start/During/Post Inspections
  • Safe, Effective and Efficient Operating Techniques
  • Selection and Use of Warning, Safety, and/or Limiting Devices
  • Load Chart Interpretation
  • Lift Planning and Critical Lifts
  • Operations During Various Inclement Weather Conditions


To request a registration form please click on the date/location you wish to attend. You will be directed to a request form and we will get in touch with you shortly. Thank you.

Location Start Date End Date
Orlando, FL 02/03/20 02/04/20
Houston, TX 03/02/20 03/03/20
Orlando, FL 06/15/20 06/16/20
Houston, TX 08/03/20 08/04/20
Orlando, FL 08/31/20 09/01/20
Houston, TX 10/26/20 10/27/20
Orlando, FL 12/07/20 12/08/20
Crane Operator Training by CICB
For on-site training at your facilities with your equipment, call us at 800-327-1386 or fill out our contact form.
Pedestal Crane Training by CICB

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