NCCCO Lift Director

NCCCO Lift Director

The NCCCO Lift Director Program is specifically designed to prepare candidates for the NCCCO Mobile Crane Lift Director Exams. This three-day program includes CICB’s Study Guide, which is authored and copyrighted by CICB on an annual basis, as well as interactive classroom exercises that focus on lift planning, with an emphasis on the Grove and Manitowoc load charts. The program will also cover site hazards, rigging, signaling, and the roles, responsibilities, and qualifications of personnel involved in the lifting operations. The attendee must possess an NCCCO Certification (or have successfully passed the written exams) for Telescopic Boom – Swing Cab, Lattice Boom Crawler, and Rigger Level II.

NCCCO Guarantee

CICB guarantees that all personnel attending this program will successfully pass the written examinations; in the event a student fails any of the written exams, they may attend another NCCCO Lift Director Program Preparatory class without additional charges from CICB.

For on-site training at your facilities with your equipment, call us at 800-327-1386 or fill out our form here: on-site NCCCO Lift Director Program for additional information.

NCCCO Preparatory Training focuses on:

  • The Core Exam’s Six Domains
    • Site (Approximately 20% of the Test)
    • Roles, Responsibilities, and Qualifications (Approximately 17.5%)
    • Lifting Operations (Approximately 20%)
    • Lift Plans (Approximately 5%)
    • Rigging (Approximately 25%)
    • Signal (Approximately 12.5%)
  • The Lift Director – Mobile Crane Specialty Exam uses the following load charts:
    • Grove (Rough Terrain) TLL
    • Manitowoc LBC


To request a registration form please click on the date/location you wish to attend. You will be directed to a request form and we will get in touch with you shortly. Thank you.

Location Start Date End Date
Orlando, FL 11/13/19 11/15/19
Houston, TX 12/04/19 12/06/19
Orlando, FL 01/08/20 01/10/20
Houston, TX 01/22/20 01/24/20
Houston, TX 03/11/20 03/13/20
Orlando, FL 03/18/20 03/20/20
Houston, TX 05/04/20 05/06/20
Orlando, FL 05/11/20 05/13/20
Houston, TX 07/14/20 07/17/20
Orlando, FL 08/03/20 08/05/20
Houston, TX 08/24/20 08/26/20
Orlando, FL 09/23/20 09/25/20
Houston, TX 10/14/20 10/16/20
Houston, TX 12/09/20 12/11/20
Orlando, FL 12/16/20 12/18/20
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