Many companies believe that operator training is simply teaching an employee by using the machine’s controls and their functions is effective training. They further believe that it can be accomplished in one to two hours. Teaching the controls and their functions is important, however, it is not all there is to be safe and effective training. That short process can be described as equipment familiarization.

Training should consist of providing objective training regarding the following subjects:

  • Applicable regulations and safety regulations
  • Organizational policies and procedures
  • The equipment manufacturer’s requirements for safe operation that is outlined in the machine’s operator’s manual
  • Operator qualification
  • Operator’s responsibilities and operating conduct
  • The manufacturer’s requirements for pre-operational, during operation and after operation inspections
  • The machine’s operating controls for functions and resultant motion
  • Safe and effective operating techniques
  • Hazard awareness in the operating environment

The training should be delivered by a qualified trainer, schooled in “Adult Learning Principles”. It definitely is a plus if the trainer has experience with the machines that the training is being taught. In order to complete the training the person being trained should pass a written examination to determine that the training objectives have been met. A practical operating evaluation should be administered to determine if the student can, in fact operate the machine in a safe manner.

Does your company or organization provide training or familiarization?

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