Imparting and Imprinting Safety Knowledge

CICB is proud to announce that Joe Bob Williams, a Senior Instructor at CICB, has been awarded the prestigious honor of Professional Top Trainer 2017, by the Association of Crane & Rigging Professionals (ACRP) and Crane Hotline Magazine. This is the 7th time CICB Instructors have been named Top Trainers! 

The professional-level award is tailored for companies that are primarily engaged in training activities, and Joe Bob was selected as the overall winner from a judging panel of industry subject matter experts. The Top Trainer program brings attention to the importance of quality training in reducing crane and rigging accidents in the construction and heavy industry. The Trainers are recognized for having a positive impact on students through the use of innovative training techniques or hands-on instruction.

According to the committee, Joe Bob has the right mix of knowledge, along with a genuine interest and desire to effectively communicate crane operations safety. He also understands that there is a wealth of knowledge among students, and that “cross pollination” is an effective way to illustrate the material and provide new perspectives.

Joe Bob has been involved with the NCCCO since 1996, bringing his wealth of knowledge to that effort, along with playing a key role in developing NCCCO Certification Programs. In addition to serving as a charter member of the NCCCO Commission, he chairs the CCO Written Exam Management Committee and is a member of the Appeals Committee and the Item Writing Task Force.

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