Tips from the Experts at CICB on Passing the NCCCO Crane Operator Certification Written and Practical Exams

Due to the recently enacted OSHA crane standards, crane operators involved in construction will be required to be certified by November 10, 2014. Despite the 2014 crane operator certification deadline, both employers and operators should be pursuing certification now – early compliance with OSHA regulations is always the best choice. To pass the challenging written test and practical evaluations required to earn an OSHA-recognized certification, employers and crane operators need to choose wisely when selecting both a recognized certification and a complete and highly qualified preparatory training company.

A crane operator certification by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) is recognized by most employers and contractors as the “gold standard” of crane and crane-related personnel certifications. To ensure that it can provide fair and independent assessments, NCCCO does not provide training or training material. The written examinations are administered by one to the nation’s most prestigious credentialing organizations, International Assessment Institute (IAI). Practical Exams are administered by Accredited Practical Examiners.

Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau (CICB) was among the first crane training providers to embrace CCO certification and has been providing NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Preparatory Training with written and practical exams for over 10 years. The following information was put together by CICB to help employers, crane operators, riggers, signal persons, and inspectors choose the best training provider and certification program for them:

What do operators typically need to know to pass the written exam required for certification? (partial list)

  • Site Conditions and Hazards
  • Lift Requirements
  • Operations and Technical Knowledge
  • Manufacturer’s Load Charts

Why Choose CCO Certification from NCCCO?

  • Experience – NCCCO has a 15-year track record of providing certification to more than 70,000 crane operators, riggers, signalperson and inspectors from across the country.
  • Recognition – NCCCO certifications are recognized in more states, more major cities, and more governmental agencies and by more employers than any other certification program.
  • Supported – NCCCO certification is supported by most major crane manufacturers and insurance companies.
  • Comprehensive – NCCCO offers the largest range of crane certifications to encompass all crane operations.

Why should I choose CICB to help me?

  • CICB’s instructors are NCCCO Certified Mobile Crane Operators and NCCCO accredited Practical Examiners, who know the training and testing material first hand.
  • Monthly scheduled mobile crane preparatory training programs with hands-on practice is available in both Houston, TX and Orlando, FL on Telescopic Boom – Swing Cab; Telescopic Boom – Fixed Cab; and Lattice Boom Cranes.
  • Customized NCCCO training programs are available at your facility on your equipment saving you on employee travel expenses.
  • Additional classroom training is provided at our Houston, TX or Orlando, FL training centers at no charge should a candidate fail to pass written exams.

What should I do to prepare for the training program and practical exam?

  • Identify all parts and components of crane you plan to take exams on.
  • Read crane owner’s manual and jot down items you don’t understand.
  • Read and review crane load charts.
  • Brush up your math and test-taking skills.
  • Request study material from CICB upon registering for a preparatory program.

How long does it take for a CICB NCCCO Preparatory Training Program?

Duration: 4-5 days for preparatory training and written and practical examinations.

In summary, organizations and candidates should evaluate all factors involved when choosing crane operator training program and/or a crane operator certification program. Studies have shown that investing in quality training helps crane operators retain important information and inspires good safety and crane operating habits, reducing accidents and makes construction jobs run more smoothly.

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