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B30 Series Overview

The ASME B30 Safety Standard is a suite of 30 volumes governing safe lifting practices. These American National Standards are written by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. They cover cranes of all descriptions, as well as rigging and other below-the-hook equipment.

The first standards were proposed in 1916 and today revisions are made every two to three years. Their influence in the industry is such that they are often incorporated by reference into OSHA regulations.

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Per ANSI – “The ANSI/ASME B30. Construction Package is a complete collection of the ANSI/ASME B30 standard series. The standards are applicable to various cranes, hoist, lifting systems and derricks. The standards for cranes contain provisions to construct, install, operate, inspect, test, maintain and use container, mobile and locomotive, monorails and underhung, overhead and gantry, stacker, portal, tower and pedestal cranes. Base-Mounted Drum Hoists, Manually Lever Operated Hoists, Overhead Hoists (Underhung) standards are also included in this package containing 28 construction standards.”

This package includes all parts of ANSI/ASME B30 standards :

ASME B30.1-2020 – Jacks, Industrial Rollers, Air Casters, and Hydraulic Gantries

ASME B30.2-2016 – Overhead and Gantry Cranes

ASME B30.3-2019 – Tower Cranes

ASME B30.4-2020 – Portal and Pedestal Cranes

ASME B30.5-2018 – Mobile and Locomotive Cranes

ASME B30.6-2020 – Derricks

ASME B30.7-2016 – Winches

ASME B30.8-2015 – Floating Cranes and Floating Derricks

ASME B30.9-2018 – Slings

ASME B30.10-2019 – Hooks

ASME B30.11-2010 – Monorails and Underhung Cranes – Historical Document

ANSI/ASME B30.12-2011 – Handling Loads Suspended From Rotorcraft

ASME B30.13-2017 – Storage/Retrieval Machines and Associated Equipment

ASME B30.14-2015 – Side Boom Tractors

ASME B30.16-2017 – Overhead Hoists (Underhung)

ASME B30.17-2015 – Overhead and Gantry Cranes

ASME B30.18-2016 – Stacker Cranes

ASME B30.19-2016 – Cableways

ASME B30.20-2018 – Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

ASME B30.21-2014 (R2019) – Lever Hoists

ASME B30.22-2016 – Articulating Boom Cranes

ASME B30.23-2016 – Personnel Lifting Systems

ASME B30.24-2018 – Container Cranes

ASME B30.25-2018 – Scrap and Material Handlers

ASME B30.26-2015 (R2020) – Rigging Hardware

ASME B30.27-2019 – Material Placement Systems

ASME B30.28-2015 (R2020) – Balance Lifting Units

ASME B30.29-2018 – Self-Erecting Tower Cranes

ASME B30.30-2019 – Ropes

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