CCO Crane Operator, Rigger and Signal Person Training and Testing

A CCO crane operator certification by the National Commission of the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) has been recognized as meeting OSHA’s requirements for crane operator safety since 1999. Riggers and Signal Persons must also be qualified either by a third-party qualified evaluator, such as Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau (CICB) and/or the NCCCO.

Offered by CICB are the following nationally accredited CCO programs, which require both written and practical exams, for the following crane-related job functions:

Mobile Crane Operators – for individuals who operate telescopic boom mobile cranes or lattice boom

Overhead Crane Operators – for individuals who operate overhead, bridge or gantry cranes

Signalpersons – for individuals who direct the crane operator during a lift

Riggers – for individuals who prepare loads for safe lifting; Rigger Level I indicates that the individual is considered qualified for most rigging work, while Rigger Level II indicates that they can rig non-routine jobs that require independent thinking without supervision.

A CCO certification is designed to provide an employer or a contractor with a benchmark assessment of an operator’s practical operating ability. An employer can be assured that the holder of the card has demonstrated competency for crane operation according to established written and practical criteria. Well-trained crane operators, riggers, and signalpersons, with independently verified knowledge and skills, make few mistakes which result in fewer accidents. In addition to being a requirement by OSHA 29 CFR 1926 Subpart CC, crane operator certification has been repeatedly shown to improve crane safety. Further, accreditation requirements must be thorough and designed to assure that the tests are fair, comprehensive and a valid assessment of the knowledge and skills they are intended to measure. CCO certification provides an objective means of verifying that training has been effective and, in fact, that learning has taken place.

In order to maintain impartiality when measuring a candidate’s knowledge and skills, the NCCCO does not offer training, the written exams are administered by an independent third party, and the CCO practical exams are administered by CCO accredited examiners.

CICB fully endorsed the CCO-certification programs and actively trains operators in the knowledge and skills necessary for safe crane operations which will be tested through CCO certification examinations. All of CICB instructors are CCO certified, practical examiners.

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