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See if you could pass the NCCCO Certification Exam

Take our 10 question practice test below and find out if you’re ready for the CCO Overhead Crane Inspector exam

Overhead Crane Inspector Practice Test
1. What is the proper wheel flange to rail spacing for most underhung cranes? *
2. What is the proper maximum spacing for a rail splice? *
3. How much capacity is used for a maximum rated load test? *
4. How much reduction in rope diameter requires a rope to be removed from service? *
5. When does an upper limit switch need to be tested? *
6. Does OSHA require an operator’s daily checklist to be kept? *
7. If an end stop directly engages a wheel, how tall does the stop have to be at minimum? *
8. When a button is released on a pendant control, what should happen? *
9. How many twists should be installed in a multi part chain hoist? *
10. What information - other than manufacturer, serial number, and capacity - must be marked on an air powered hoist? *

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