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See if you could pass the NCCCO Certification Exam

Take our 15 question practice test below and find out if you’re ready for the CCO Mobile Crane Operator exam

NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Practice Test
1. According to ASME B30.5, what are the minimal requirements to meet crane operator qualifications? *
2. When can a crane be side loaded? *
3. The deflection of a boom will cause the load to ___________________. *
4. Which of the following is considered duty-cycle work? *
5. When doing duty cycle work, the load chart must be reduced by how much? *
6. The boom angle is the angle between ___________________. *
7. Cranes should be load tested when? *
8. During crane assembly, the counterweight should be installed when? *
9. Crane stability is based on _________________. *
10. What percentage of the crane chart is considered a critical lift? *
11. A multi-crane lift shall require ________________ . *
12. The load chart is matched to the crane by: *
13. The load hoist drum flange shall be _________________ . *
14. What is the mathematical formula for calculating the cranes capacity when the capacity is between boom lengths? *
15. Man baskets are proof tested to what percentage? *

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NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Certification Exam