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See if you could pass the NCCCO Certification Exam

Take our 10 question practice test below and find out if you’re ready for the CCO Mobile Crane Inspector exam

NCCCO Mobile Crane Inspector Practice Test
1. Per OSHA, 1910.180, what are the two types of inspections? *
2. Classify or evaluate the following item: When inspecting a sheave with a sheave gauge, there is a 1/8” gap between the bottom of the gauge and the sheave. *
3. What type of mobile cranes requires seatbelts? *
4. What is the greatest amount of force allowable to move a hand operated control? *
5. What type of wire rope shall never be used for boom hoist reeving on conventional cranes? *
6. Who must approve modifications or additions which affect the capacity or safe operation of the crane, and what must the approving authority provide? *
7. What person can complete the monthly inspection? *
8. Which of the following damage would not require that a load hook be taken out of service? *
9. Classify or evaluate the following item: The original factory seat is missing its back. *
10. Classify or evaluate the following item: The fire extinguisher in the operator cab is only a 10BC size. *

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NCCCO Mobile Crane Inspector