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How equipped are you to manage your crane crew?

Take our 10 question practice test below and find out how ready you are to supervise a lifting operation

Mobile Crane Manager/Supervisor Practice Test
1. You are hiring a new operator for a construction site; He has a certification and a pervious evaluation from a past employer for the type of crane that you wish him to operate. Are you required to reevaluate him prior to them operationally using that crane? *
2. You are performing maintenance on a facility, specialized equipment such as a crane is needed to pull the parts. What industry and qualifications are required for the crane operator? *
3. You are using an articulating boom crane to make material deliveries; your customer ask that you preposition the materials in a specific order then to help place the first piece into the project. What industry are you working in and what operator qualifications must be met. *
4. You are supervising a construction site; the signal person uses a closed fist to indicate that the crane should stop. The signal person states that they crew agreed to use that as the proper signal. Is this permitted. *
5. Your crane operator holds a certification as a hydraulic swing cab crane operator and has been evaluated on that class of crane. A much smaller (under 3 ton), simpler to operate fixed cab crane is available for use, can you evaluate this operator on the smaller crane and allow him to operate it? *
6. The only documented inspection that you have for your mobile crane is a third-party annual inspection, are any other documented inspections required? *
7. OSHA has come to your construction site; under what circumstances will they ask for a Lift Director? *
8. Can the owner of a crane perform their own annual inspections? *
9. What is the difference between a Certified crane operator and a crane operator Qualified to operate crane in construction? *
10. What capacity crane requires a certified operator. *

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