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See if you could pass the NCCCO Certification Exam

Take our 10 question practice test below and find out if you’re ready for the CCO Rigger 1 exam

Basic Rigger Practice Test
1. What is the lowest recommended horizontal angle for rigging?
2. What high temperature range are synthetic slings limited to?
3. What grade of steel are chain slings made from?
4. What does IPS stand for?
5. Where is reach measured?
6. What percentage of capacity is lost when using a choke hitch compared to a vertical?
7. How many slings should be put in a standard hook?
8. If the horizontal sling angle is 30 degrees, what is the included angle at the top?
9. What is the maximum spread (included angle) that a hook is designed for?
10. When should all rigging be inspected?

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NCCCO Rigger-Signalperson Certification Examination