Cranes used in the general industry, specifically overhead cranes, are normally out of sight of the general public and out of mind of the users due to the repetitive daily use of the equipment. This can often create a culture of complacency and a “same work, different day” mentality which, we all know, can be hazardous.

CICB’s numerous Expert Witness testimonies in legal cases have shown that life-altering personal injuries could have easily been preventable by properly trained and evaluated operators.   The tips below can help you avoid accidents, serious injuries and expensive litigation.

Are operators adequately trained to safely perform their tasks?

  • To comply with OSHA and ASME regulations, operators are to be trained on the equipment they are designated to use.  Many internal training programs, that have been developed with good intentions, have become out dated, and need to be reviewed. The training should include written examinations and hands-on evaluations and must be documented, written, and practical evaluations.

Are in-house trainers qualified to deliver a training program?

  • Along with experience and technical qualifications, trainers must know how to develop a customized training program to include creation of written exams and develop an operator evaluation to verify that the operator has the knowledge and the skill to perform their expected duties.

Is your training program in line with OSHA, ASME, Manufacturer and Company Policy?

  • training program should include a review of regulatory or industry safety standards which the employees are expected to comply with. OSHA is a general safety rule and also a federal law; ASME standards however, are more detailed regarding the use and inspections of specific equipment. The equipment manufacturer provides the operator with specific safety and operational practices, which can mirror OSHA or ASME.

In response to the material handling industry’s need for tools to reduce exposure to risk, accidents and liability, CICB developed a comprehensive and effective Management Assist Program (MAV). Our unique seven-point evaluation system will identify any possible problem areas and suggest feasible solutions to correct it.

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