Our clients have a choice. Choosing CICB results in the highest level of professionalism, unparalleled industry performance and supreme customer service for safety training, certifications, and inspections, in the crane and lifting industry. Our standards dictate that we aim for the highest levels of achievement, set very ambitious goals, honor and guarantee our commitments to our valued clients, deliver results that are unequaled, and maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.


CICB pledges to solve our clients’ challenges with creative, real-world, proactive solutions through continuous improvement and development of the various curricula to maintain pace with evolving industry standards and requirements. We recruit highly advanced and diversified subject matter experts as instructors to better train the safest, most capable operators, riggers and lifting personnel of the future. We also actively promote customized training programs to emphasize specific lifting equipment, specialized job tasks, policy and safety standard requirements.


We are dedicated in remaining a successful crane industry leader delivering a world-class standard of excellence that is unparalleled in the field of safety training, certifications, and inspections.


CICB will continue to be recognized as a successful worldwide premier provider of crane and lifting industry safety training, resulting in cost-effective and inherently safer environments that achieve regulatory compliance and stimulate best industry practices.

Crane Operator Training by CICB