Free Rigger Practice Test

Welcome to your CCO Rigging Practice Exam

1. What is the smallest diameter item that can be placed in the eye of a wire rope sling?
2. The formula to figure the angle factor on a sling is expressed by ............?
3. The formula to figure cubic yards is?
4. Given that steel weighs 490 lbs per cubic foot, a 5' x 6' x 6" block of steel weighs?
5. What ANSI standard covers Below-the-Hook lifting devices?
6. If the opening of a hook is stretched over......... percent or 1/4" if must be replaced.
7. What is the minimum safety factor used for chains in hoisting applications?
8. What is the lowest sling angle allowed for wire rope or chain?
9. The tension on one leg of a two-leg alloy steel chain sling lifting a load of 8.4 tons, with a horizontal angle of 45 degrees is ............? (Use 1.414 angle factor)
10. The load angle factor for a horizontal angle of 10 degrees is .........?
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