1. What is the safety factor of rotation resistant rope while lifting personnel? 

a. 5 to 1
b. 7 to 1
c. 3.5 to 1
d. 10 to 1

2. When attaching slings to a load, where should the center of gravity of the load be located to maintain a stable load?

a. The center of the load
b. Near the hitch points of the slings
c. Below the hitch points of the slings
d. Above the hitch points of the slings

3. Which of the following reductions in rope diameter would require replacement?

a. 3%
b. 4%
c. 5%
d. 6%

4. When operating out of level, what boom configuration and radius reduces the crane’s crated capacity the most?

a. Maximum boom length and maximum radius
b. Maximum boom length and minimum radius
c. Minimum boom length and minimum radius
d. Minimum boom length and maximum radius

5. If a crane is in transit under power lines of more than 750kV, how much clearance is required from any part of the crane?

a. 4 ft.
b. 10 ft.
c. 15 ft.
d. 20 ft.

6. Who has the responsibility for determining the correct weight of a load?

a. Operator
b. Owner
c. Supervisor
d. Surveyor

7. When the number of layers of rope on a drum increase, the ________________.

a. Allowable line pull decreases
b. Allowable line pull increases
c. Allowable line pull remains the same
d. Depends on parts of line

8. Load hoist sheaves and boom tip sheaves shall have pitch diameters not less than ______ times the nominal diameter of the rope used.

a. 15
b. 16
c. 17
d. 18

9. The load angle factor for a horizontal angle of 10 degrees is _________________.

a. 2.924
b. 5.414
c. 5.747
d. 6.542

10. Define cantilever boom.

a. The portion of the boom that extends past the point of support
b. The part of the boom between the boom hinge pin and the boom tip sheaves
c. The distance the counter weight extends past the rear of the superstructure
d. The portion of the boom in between the boom hinge pins and the pendent lines

11. When using a non-conductive tagline, what type of material would it be made from?

a. Sisal
b. Poly-type
c. Cotton
d. Wire rope or chain

12. What hand signal must be obeyed at all times?

a. Swing
b. Hoist
c. Lower
d. Stop

13. When can a crane be sided loaded?

a. When dragging a load
b. With a freely suspended load
c. Never
d. When pile driving

14. The deflection of a boom can cause a load to ______________________.

a. Swing sideways
b. Have no effect on the load
c. Increase radius
d. Decrease radius

15. Which of the following is considered duty cycle work?

a. Pile driving
b. Setting trusses
c. Clam shell digging
d. Unloading trucks

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