NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Practice Test
1. According to ASME B30.5, what are the minimal requirements to meet crane operator qualifications? *
2. When can a crane be side loaded? *
3. The deflection of a boom will cause the load to ___________________. *
4. Which of the following is considered duty-cycle work? *
5. When doing duty cycle work, the load chart must be reduced by how much? *
6. The boom angle is the angle between ___________________. *
7. Cranes should be load tested when? *
8. During crane assembly, the counterweight should be installed when? *
9. Crane stability is based on _________________. *
10. What percentage of the crane chart is considered a critical lift? *
11. A multi-crane lift shall require ________________ . *
12. The load chart is matched to the crane by: *
13. The load hoist drum flange shall be _________________ . *
14. What is the mathematical formula for calculating the cranes capacity when the capacity is between boom lengths? *
15. Man baskets are proof tested to what percentage? *

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