Crane, Forklift and Rigging Expert Witness

In the courtroom, experience and credibility matter. CICB offers highly-qualified personnel who can provide crane and material handling expertise when you need it most.

Following are some of the services we provide for Expert Witness Testimony:

  • Preliminary consultation of the case, parties involved and objective
  • Review of case documents, depositions, pictures and related reports
  • Data collection and site investigation if permissible
  • Consultation regarding our finds, verbal and/or written
  • Deposition on-site or at our facility
  • Courtroom testimony if necessary

CICB has an extensive history of working with plaintiffs, defense and prosecuting attorneys involved in cases pertaining to corporations and small business, construction and sign companies, operator negligence, equipment failure and wrongful death.

All services are tailored to meet each client’s situation and individual needs.

Resumes and References are available upon request.

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