Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau (CICB) has performed many Management Assist Visits for various business and production facilities in the United States. A Management Assist Visit is a relatively inexpensive way for a business to ensure that their facility’s material handling equipment, its maintenance contractors, and its employees are in compliance with established standards. Management Assist Visits (also called a Gap Analysis) examine documentation and practices to verify to the client that training, inspections, maintenance, and supervision are being performed in their facility in accordance with Federal OSHA, ANSI/ASME consensus standards, manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations, and corporate requirements.

Typically, a pre-visit review is sent to the client some time in advance of the scheduled event, so that the required documentation can be assembled for CICB’s subject matter expert to survey. A presentation will be conducted for key client personnel to introduce CICB’s program specialist, and to let the client’s team know what to expect. Interviews of persons involved in the material handling inspections, maintenance, and personnel training of the client’s facility will be conducted next. These interviews should include: equipment operators, inspectors, maintenance technicians, and maintainers of the material handling management system, safety managers, training managers, as well as key supervisors and managers.

The process usually takes three to five days, depending on the quantities and configurations of the material handling equipment. After a review of the training, inspection, and maintenance documentation, our specialist will conduct random inspections of the inventory of equipment. These inspections will compare the industry requirements to the practices at the facility. Many times our program specialist may provide coaching to the client’s staff. Our specialist may also observe the client’s team performing various material handling operations. If prearranged, a daily progress meeting may be scheduled at the client’s discretion.

Finally, our program specialist will provide an out-brief report that outlines the finding of facts, regulatory and non-regulatory observations, referencing OSHA, ANSI/ASME and Corporate standards, and provide recommendations. Each point of the findings will be justified by a specific requirement based upon the standards that apply.

Certainly, there may be questions and requests for clarification. Our staff of subject matter experts will be available to explain any issue of the visit that may present concerns on the part of the client. The goals of the entire program are to provide a safer working environment for the client, save time/money loss of the client, increase the life and reliability of the plant equipment, decrease maintenance costs, and improve worker skills and production.

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