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How equipped are you to manage your crane crew?

Take our 10 question practice test below and find out how ready you are to supervise a lifting operation

Overhead Crane Manager/Supervisor Practice Test
1. Your company provides qualified crane inspectors for your cranes. How often should retraining be documented? *
2. Your organization qualifies your own operators. What are the steps to proving an overhead crane operator is qualified to operate a crane? *
3. Per the ASME B30 standards, what type and capacity crane are not permitted to be overloaded for a planned engineered lift? *
4. You have an unmodified crane system that utilizes a 3-bar power supply with the grounding through the crane wheels to the rails. What must you do? *
5. Your facility has a monorail with unpowered trolley system, where you can add a hoist to the trolley as needed. What markings are required on this system? *
6. Your floor operated cranes are controlled with a cable supported pendant. What is the purpose of the support cable? *
7. When are stops engaging a wheel permitted within the current standards? *
8. Per ASME B30.2 can you leave an attachment on a crane when there is no operator at the controls? *
9. What must be accomplished when a new crane is installed, or a crane is reinstalled? *
10. Under what circumstances are documented monthly inspections required? *

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