As the construction industry continues to recover and the skilled work-force shortage deepening, contractors are competing for an ever-shrinking pool of skilled craft professionals in the field of crane and rigging operations. For most companies this is impacting project costs and delaying schedules. Progressive contractors are finding ways to elevate productivity within their existing workforce

Assess Your Current Workforce

Although recruiting will always be important, employers should have an equal focus on upgrading the skills of their existing craft professionals. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your current workforce offers opportunities to upgrade the skills of individuals who are already committed to your organization.

Knowing where the employees’ strengths are can help make the most of their current skills sets. Identifying their weakness provides you the opportunity to focus specifically on the areas that need to be enhanced. It has been shown that on-going skill enhancement increase the productivity of your existing craft workforce by as much as 10 percent.

Train your Current Workforce

A recent study shows that when contractors invest 1% of their labor budget on training, there is an estimated 11% improved rate in productivity. In addition, craft professionals who are formally trained and receive regular refresher training, perform with a higher level of skill, make better decisions, and are typically more motivated in their careers, thus leading to a more engaged workforce. Contractors who do not train their workforce often lack dedicated skilled workers who can grow with the company and perform work effectively.

Not only does training improve your workers’ skills and productivity, it reduces accidents and injuries, achieves regulatory compliance, increases the life and reliability of the equipment, and lowers maintenance costs and risk.

Source of Training

How do you go about identifying a source of training? One of the first questions you’ll want to ask is: Do I have the resources to develop and teach an in-house program, or would I be better off hiring a professional trainer? The commitment necessary to develop an in-house training programs can be formidable, taking time, funding and expertise. Hiring a professional training firm proves to be an easier solution.

For over 47 years, Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau (CICB) has been providing extensive training and certification in the field of crane, and rigging operations. With over 40 programs available to Operators, Riggers, Signal Persons, Inspectors, Lift Directors, Managers, Trainers and Safety Personnel, CICB provides the solution to upgrading your current workforces’ skills and knowledge.

CICB’s facilities in Houston, TX or Orlando, FL have state of the art classrooms, rigging gear labs, and mobile and overhead cranes for enhanced hands-on training. Customized training on every type of lifting equipment or equipment inspections are available at your location, anywhere in the world. CICB’s nationally certified and professionally trained industry experts have received the prestigious “Top Trainer” award five times.

The Bottom Line

As a company increases productivity levels within their existing workforce, the need to recruit new hires and the effects of a skilled workforce shortage can be lessened. Enhancing the knowledge and skills of your existing workforce will motivate your employees, creating loyalty and job satisfaction — increasing your bottom line.

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