The First Day at ConExpo 2020

The first day can be the toughest day of any expo. ConExpo 2020 will be no different.

It’ll be busy. People are excited and energy-levels are high. That’s 130,000 high-energy attendees, or twice as many as in a sold-out Hard Rock Stadium for Superbowl 2020.

It’ll be big. The Vegas venue is so large you would have to spend 46 seconds at each booth back to back for the entire 5 days to see each of the 2800 booths. There are at least 7 separate venues/buildings hosting ConExpo 2020. It’s so large that you’ll need to take the monorail to get between venues.

It’ll be packed. There are 10 seminar tracks and more than 200 seminars, so it’s inevitable that some of your choices will overlap.

In this post, we’ll explain why your first day at ConExpo is worth preparing for, how to get the most out of your ConExpo 2020 first day experience and offer you a curated list of the best Tuesday, March 10th has to offer.*

ConExpo 2020

ConExpo 2020 is the largest construction trade show in the world. It is expected to draw a crowd of 130,000 to Las Vegas from Tuesday March 10th through Saturday March 14th and will host the biggest brands in the industry.

The event happens only once every three years and provides an unparalleled opportunity for those in construction to learn, network and grow their business. Discounted tickets to the expo are $195 and $589 for the expo and full education conference pass, if purchased before March 10th.

How to Plan for Your First Day

Use SMART goals

Smart Goal template

Create SMART goals to prioritize. Keep your goals to three or fewer and make sure each goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. Then, check that each step you take is in the direction of one of your goals. Is the booth you’re visiting going to help you maximize your specific, measurable goals? Is the seminar relevant? Does the R&R you’ve planned help you hit your goals in a timely manner (Hint – it’s possible to answer yes to this last one. Never underestimate the power of rest at a five-day expo.)

Think About What’s Unique to Tuesday

Next, think about those things that are only happening on the first day, Tuesday. To help, we’ve put together a curated guide of the best ConExpo 2020 has to offer. Although these events may be packed, they are not to be missed.

First, the finals of the Caterpillar Global Equipment Challenge will be held live on Tuesday. Nine finalists from across the globe will compete to determine the best operator in the world in the largest ever competition of its type. Local qualifiers happened throughout 2019, with regional semifinals held in Japan, Brazil, Spain & the US in October & November of last year. The 9 finalists will compete over 8 categories to complete their tasks in the lowest time. The champion will be awarded an all-expense, VIP trip for two to a global Caterpillar facility of their choice.

Then there are the seminars, what ConExpo calls its ‘Education’ tracks. Note that all of these will cost a premium in addition to your ConExpo entry ticket. Each session will set you back $69, or you can purchase the full education track for $195/day or $395 for the whole conference (in addition to your entry pass), if purchased before March 10th.

ConExpo 2020 will feature more than 200 separate seminars. These are scheduled in four different slots throughout the day, almost always in the Westgate Convention Center. If you are determined to follow in its entirety one of the ten tracks offered, you will have a half hour between each seminar. Alternatively, here’s our selection of the best Tuesday has to offer:*

9:30 – 10:30 (Westgate – Ballroom A) – Transforming Construction: End Users Discuss the Benefits and Challenges of Adopting Technology, featuring a panel of speakers.

From the website, “When contractors or DOT’s are faced with the decision of how to adopt technology, the options and cost can be overwhelming. There’s no better reference than others who have already been down that path and can offer an unbiased opinion of the highs and lows along the way. This session will be a panel discussion of technology users who will discuss the benefits they see from the technologies they’ve employed and answer audience questions about the same topic … ”

11:00 – 12:30 (Westgate – Ballroom A) – Gen Z: Finding Your Future Workforce, by Shannon McKain.

From the website, “Recruiting in today’s multi-generational world can be challenging especially as Generation Z is joining the workforce. Join former Executive Recruiter, Millennial and Keynote Speaker Shannon McKain in an engaging presentation on how to Attract, Engage, Recruit and Retain today’s workforce.”

1:00 – 2:30 (Westgate – Pavillion 6) – How to Manage a Crane Accident, by Joseph Collins.

From the website, “We all have a tendency to think that a crane accident will never happen on my watch. Unfortunately, despite all our efforts to prevent them, accidents do occur. This session will provide information and procedures for preparedness before something happens and what steps to follow in the event you are faced with a serious crane accident on your project …”

3:00 – 4:00 (Westgate – Pavillion 9) – Best Practices in Equipment Maintenance: Learning from the Fleetmasters, featuring multiple speakers.

From the website, “Most equipment managers get swamped in the day to day tornado of activities. In this session, you’ll hear from a panel discussion from some award-winning fleetmasters – the highest rated fleets in the Country. This interactive discussion will highlight what each of them did to elevate beyond the day to day and drive new ideas and improvements across the fleet …“

Keep Your Visit to One Area

The venue is enormous and, despite the complimentary shuttle, golf carts and monorail, you’ll maximize your time if you stick to one area at a time. So, if the Caterpillar Global Equipment Challenge holds your interest, you’ll want to stay in the Festival Grounds, the newest extension to the ConExpo venue, where there are two other fantastic experiences for you to engage with.

Attendees staying in the Hilton Grand Vacations Club or SLS Hotel will be right on site. Those at the Westgate Hotel should plan on catching the complimentary shuttle, while anyone at the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel should first take the free monorail to the Westgate.

Sure to be a crowd favorite in the area is Volvo Construction Equipment. Spanning a massive 60,000 ft.², Volvo’s display will include new launches and immersive interactive experiences. This year Volvo is promising the opportunity to operate some of the vehicles in its electric line-up and a staggering $1.5 million in giveaways. Joining Volvo will be the cast of the Discovery Channel’s program, Gold Rush.

Volvo CE at ConExpo 2020

Finally, ConExpo’s own ‘Tech Experience’ has one of its two exhibits in the open-air Festival Grounds. Last time out the exhibit won multiple awards for the design of its live, hands-on experiences and this year promises to be no different. The emphasis at ConExpo 2020 is on systems for moving products and people, sustainability, and smart cities.

Of course, since you’re in the area, make some time to come and visit Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau’s very own booth, F100804. CICB offers crane operator training on site and at its two locations in Houston and Orlando (where we run a career school), as well as inspection and consulting services worldwide. You’ll find plenty of giveaways at our booth, too!

Schedule Appointments

The temptation may be to visit everything on Day 1. Unfortunately, that’s what everyone else is hoping to do. As a result, most booths will be overrun. Begin by scheduling appointments at booths you know you want to visit. These can be existing contacts or potential clients. The appointments could be for future business opportunities or simply to catch up and maintain relationships. Regardless, reach out and schedule a time. Your feet will thank you, and so will the booth reps.

Since Tuesday is a great day to stay in the Festival Grounds, as you schedule your appointments, consider keeping Tuesday for contacts in the aerial, cranes, earth moving & hauling industries.

Six Steps for ConExpo 2020 Day 1

1. Stick to the Festival Grounds
2. Schedule appointments with booths in the Festival Grounds
3. Check out the Caterpillar Global Equipment Challenge
4. Visit Volvo’s display & the Tech Experience
5. Attend a seminar or two
6. Stop by CICB’s booth, F100804

ConExpo 2020 is packed with opportunities – things to see, things to do, and people to connect with. Don’t try to do it all on the first day. Plan in advance to keep to the Festival Grounds as far as possible, but be sure to check out one of the seminars in the Westgate Convention Center at some point. And come and say ‘hi’ to CICB!

eGuide to ConExpo 2020

Still not sure how best to prepare for your first day at ConExpo 2020? Check out our handy eGuide to ConExpo 2020.

eGuide to ConExpo 2020

* The choices presented in this guide are representative of the opinion of CICB but do not reflect endorsement or sponsorship of third-party content.