Potential Solutions

  • Vendor Training On-Site?
  • Vendor Training Off-Site?
  • Train-the-Trainer

Development Approach

  • What do we do? What do we pay others to do?
  • Define your Tasks
  • Measure the Current Expertise
  • Find Knowledge Gaps
  • Cross-Train Employees
  • Measure Results
  • Can we do what we pay others to do for less $ ?

Requirements and Standards

  • Are we OSHA compliant?
  • Do we have Management’s support?
  • Are we using Best Practices?
  • Is Certification or Qualification Required?

Should the company conduct in-house training?

  • Has the instructor received formal training as a trainer?
  • Is the corporate instructor certified or qualified in the subject matter he/she is presenting?
  • Is the curriculum current and are there dedicated classroom and hands-on training areas?
  • Does your in-house operator or rigger program contain these five essential topics?




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