Training FAQs

Q: What is the optimal number of students a CICB typical training class?

A: 8-12 students is the average number of students that CICB has in all of its training courses. There are a few exceptions. Please contact sales department for further information.

Q: My company has a piece of equipment not listed on your website training programs. Can CICB provide training for this equipment?>

A: CICB offers customized training for all material handling and lifting equipment, as long as we are sent the operating manuals for each piece of equipment.

Q: I have no experience as an operator. Can CICB train me?

A: CICB will train candidates with little to no experience. Please contact our sales department for further information.

Q: How often do I need refresher training?

A: CICB recommends refresher training every two years to keep up with current standards and regulations.

Q: Does CICB offer training in Spanish?

A: Yes. Se Habla Espanol

Q: Does CICB offer on-site training?

A: Yes, CICB can provide training at your facility in the U.S. and worldwide.

Q: Does CICB offer financial aid or job placement assistance?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Can you license/qualify me as an operator?

A: CICB can train you in the knowledge and skills necessary to operate cranes and rig loads safely.
By the new OSHA Crane law, your employer determines if you have the qualifications needed to operate / rig. CICB offers preparatory training, which enables the candidate to pass the NCCCO exams, to be nationally certified.

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