Inspections FAQs

Q: What is the standard for construction?

A: ANSI B30.9

Q: How often does my equipment need to be inspected?

A: Equipment should be inspected each shift, daily, monthly, and annually for frequent and periodic inspections, as prescribed by current applicable standards and regulations.

Q: CICB found deficiencies when my equipment was inspected. I have made the corrections. What do I need to do?

A: Please fax (407) 856-0522, or email a copy of the deficiency corrections with the following:

  • Letter must be on company letterhead and sent from a company e-mail account
  • Reference each of the following:
    • The date(s) of the inspection
    • The Equipment ID Number or Serial Number
    • The equipment manufacturer
    • The capacity
    • The corrections made, with the name and date of the person proving the corrections or replacements.
  • Include a work order and other supporting documentation if available.

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