The Issue:

EHS Today recently released the details of their 2020 National Safety Survey. With almost 600 respondents, the survey showed, unsurprisingly, that COVID19 concerns are top of mind for most safety professionals. However, in their article, If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be?, they dive into an intriguing review of EHS job satisfaction.

The Bottom Line

Answers included the following:

  • More communication from upper management
  • Additional EHS staff.
  • Bigger budget for safety.
  • Access to economical online OSHA training.
  • Better pay.
  • Clearer compliance requirements.
  • An atmosphere more conducive for diversity and inclusion.
  • More time for training.
  • To decrease the level of cynicism that some employees hold toward EHS in general.
  • Upgrading to software apps for reporting and for follow-ups.
  • I would live in Charleston, SC, on a 42-foot catamaran sailboat.

Read on as Senior Instructor Larry Kime assesses what caught his eye in these replies.

Expert Insight

Two of these answers are particularly striking:

  1. Communication from management

Of great concern to safety professionals is that their management are aware of what is happening, and begin to take responsibility for the safety of their operations.

Too often, safety training happens at the lowest levels – among the people actually doing the task.

However, it is management who are the policy makers. They need to be trained in the task so that they can make the right policy.

2. More knowledgeable about their job

EHS managers have an almost impossible task, given the scope of their remit. No surprise then, that they are clamoring for access to subject matter experts.

Given the impact of COVID19, access to an expert is most usually online. The desire here is for cheap, easy access to a subject matter expert using these modern, video-call interfaces.

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