How ORBIT Industrial Used CICB Training to Win Contracts

Christopher Oehl is the CEO and owner of ORBIT Industrial Service & Maintenance, a successful crane inspection and repairs business in the Arizona, California and Nevada area. For some time, their clients were hard to convince that changes needed to be made to their systems per new and updated OSHA regulations. After training their whole team with CICB, including CEO Christopher, ORBIT now has even more knowledge and credentials to back their inspections and recommendations. They report numerous contracts won as a result of the certification gained through CICB and the instant access they have to CICB experts over the phone.

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Overcoming the way it’s always been done

ORBIT Industrial found that change is frequent in their line of work. Standards and regulations are constantly in flux and often ORBIT’s customers weren’t aware of the changes. In-house trainers were teaching materials that were outdated. Potential customers, and even those who had actually booked inspections, were hesitant to believe that things couldn’t be done as they always had been.

Convenient, certified training

Chris realized that the solution was independent verification of ORBIT employees’ knowledge and credentials, backed by training that reflects the current standards and regulations. He heard about CICB through word of mouth and a little online research. Chris quickly found that they offered training classes in the Phoenix area, saving him the travel to their main facilities in Houston, TX and Orlando, FL and consequently getting him back to work faster. In his own words, the training he received was “excellent!”.

“All of our employees follow the same codes and standards because they are taught what they currently are. We follow only those codes and standards that are mandated by OSHA, ASME, CMAA, and NEC.”

Speaking with Authority

With quality training under their belt, ORBIT Industrials’ technicians and inspectors are current and confident on today’s codes and standards, and carry weight and legitimacy into their conversations with clients.

“We maintain our inspectors’ certifications, but more importantly their knowledge and know-how. We have the ability to supply a truly “qualified” inspector to our customers that has been through the classes and stays current with the new code and standard changes. This allows them to pass that info onto the customer and keep them compliant, which in the end is what we were hired for. We are in the information business!”

About ORBIT Industrial Service & Maintenance

Industry: Material Handling

Company Size: 10 Employees

Location: Glendale, Arizona

History: 21 years in business

Customers: Production & repair facilities

Services: Inspections, training, repairs, parts, and sales of overhead cranes, hoists, mobile cranes, automotive lifts, dock components, mezzanines, stairs, and fall protection systems

Goals: To grow and expand with knowledge-based employees that can provide the best solutions for our customers by being the most well-rounded service group in the industry. Through training we have built a culture and reputation in the industry and we strive to maintain it.



Office Number – 480-704-4849

24-hr Emergency Line – 602-423-5363

Angel Crespo – (Arizona)

Bob McCreery – (California & Nevada)