How Island Piling Used CICB to position itself as the safest in its industry

Kena M. Yoke is the Vice President of Island Piling, Inc, the premier Pile Driving business serving SW Florida. Safety is critical in the industry and compliance with OSHA regulations absolutely imperative. Finding an organization that was stable enough to establish a long-term relationship with was paramount. Partnering with CICB meant Kena was now able to both certify her operators and have her cranes inspected annually. Such was her success that she convinced other pile-driving companies in the area to certify their operators through onsite training and examinations using CICB’s services.

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Searching for the Complete Package

Kena Yoke and her team at Island Piling, Inc. have long been aware of the safety and certification imperative in the pile-driving industry. Considered to be in construction, their crane operators are required by OSHA to be certified every 5 years. At the same time, the cranes themselves must undergo frequent and periodic inspections, including an annual inspection by a certified inspector. However, finding a competent organization to provide a full-suite of services proved difficult as small, pop-up shops closed on a regular basis.

Available and Established

Kena’s search for a long-term business partnership concluded when she found CICB, the oldest and most successful crane training, certification and inspection service in the US. Since CICB was established in 1969, Kena realized she could rely on them to be available and ready to serve year after year.

Her experience was “first rate”. From the relationship with her Safety Advisor, Oscar, to “the initial set up for written and practical exams with Trent was amazing.”

“We were able to gather several operators from local companies and put together the courses. From start up through practical exams was top of the line.”

Leading the Way in Safety

Island Piling are leading the way in southwest Florida. With operators certified every 5 years, per OSHA, and cranes inspected on a shift, monthly and annual basis according to the regulations, Kena and her team have inspired others in the area to follow suit.

Convinced that a safe industry is in the best interest of all, Kena invited operators from other pile-driving companies to test and certify in her yard. CICB’s practical examiners were called in to administer the exams, “not only making our equipment and our employees the safest available”, Kena notes, “but keeping the industry up to the level of safety that we expect for our clients and customers.”

About Island Piling, Inc.

Industry: Pile Driving

Company Size: 12 Employees

Location: 1750 J and C Blvd #2 Naples, FL 34109

History: 34 years in business

Customers: New construction builders

Services: Installation of wood and concrete piles for residential and commercial projects in the SW Florida area.

Goals: To continue being a leader in the pile installation industry maintaining certified cranes and certified operators utilizing the latest in equipment technology. To continue being a resource for other companies who need assistance with the practical exams.


Contact: Kena M. Yoke


t. 239.592.7211