Fatalities can occur when the crane boom, load line, or load contacts power lines and shorts electricity to ground. Other incidents happen when workers are struck by the load, caught inside the swing radius, or fail to properly assemble/disassemble the crane.

Note these OSHA requirements and be sure employees follow them:

  • Cranes are to be operated only by qualified and trained personnel.
  • A designated competent person must inspect the crane and all controls before use.
  • Be sure the crane is on a firm/stable surface and is level.
  • During assembly and disassembly, do not unlock or remove pins unless sections are blocked and secure.
  • Fully extend outriggers and barricade accessible areas inside the crane’s swing radius.
  • Watch for overhead electric power lines and maintain at least a 10-foot safe working clearance from the lines.
  • Inspect all rigging before use.
  • Use the correct load chart for the crane’s current configuration, setup, load weight, and lift path.
  • Do not exceed the load chart capacity while making lifts.
  • Raise the load a few inches and then hold, verify, and test the brake system before delivering the load.
  • Do not move loads over workers.
  • Follow signals and manufacturer instructions.

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