Maritime Crane Inspections

Maritime Crane Inspections

CICB is accredited by the U.S. Department of Labor under OSHA’s maritime cargo gear certification regulation, 29 CFR Part 1919. We are accredited to perform the required certification surveys (examinations and testing) and to issue and maintain the requisite records of shore-based material handling devices requiring certification under the OSHA maritime safety and health regulations (29 CFR Parts 1915, 1917, 1918 and 1919).

CICB’s Maritime Crane Inspection and load test services include the following:

  • Inspections comply with 29 CFR Part 1919, accepted safety codes and standards for that type of crane and material handling device.
  • Performed in accordance with the crane manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Review of crane’s history file, to include records of past load tests, inspections, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Verify correct load capacity chart or load moment indicator is mounted on crane.
  • Verify that the counterweights are mounted correctly and that all warning decals/labels are legible.
  • Confirm size, type, condition, and construction of hoist wire rope that is installed on crane.
  • Inspect for cracked, deformed or corroded members of the crane structure.
  • Inspect for loose nuts, bolts or rivets.
  • Inspect for cracked or worn sheaves and hoist drums.
  • Inspect for worn, cracked or distorted parts such as pins, bearings, shafts, gears, rollers and locking devices.
  • Inspect for inaccuracies and required annual certification of operational aids and safety aids.
  • Inspect for excessive wear of brake and clutch system parts, linings, pawls and ratchets.
  • Check for lack of performance and compliance of with safety requirements of power plants
  • Check for excessive wear of chain drive sprockets and excessive chain stretch.
  • Inspection of load hooks shall include visual inspection for distortion, wear or damage.
  • Check for malfunctioning travel steering braking and locking devices.
  • Check for excessively worn or damaged tires and wheels.
  • Check for excessive wear on runways.
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic hose fittings and tubing hose or at fittings and couplings for leakage.
  • Conduct a function test checking for proper operation of the following:
    • All controls, mechanisms, operating systems and brakes
    • All safety devices and limit switches
    • All operator aids
    • Rated load test, if desired

Shall not include any disassembly or removing any cover or guard. The customer is to provide mechanic support. Upon completion of the Issue a written report of all noted visible deficiencies and recommendations pertaining to the safe use of a mobile crane.

When required, report findings to the appropriate regulatory agency.

Inspection Items or Services Not Performed by CICB

  • Operating the crane
  • Nondestructive testing (NDT) of any component
  • Maintenance Determining load weights
  • Rigging loads to include test load weights
  • Supplying of test weights or rigging

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