Crane Equipment Inspections

Crane Inspections

As an independent, third-party inspection agency, the services of CICB are available to the customer when crane operation’s compliance in one of the following industries is required:

  • General Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Maritime Regulations
CICB does not represent any equipment manufacturer or dealer. Our services are performed in accordance with all applicable federal laws, regulations and government policies, including OSHA & ANSI/AMSE Standards.

Our inspection and/or load test services are conducted in the following manner:

  • Performed on site.
  • Inspections comply with applicable regulations, safety codes and standards for that type of crane.
  • Performed in accordance with the crane manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Review of the customer’s crane history file, to include records of past load tests, inspections, maintenance, and repairs.
  • The inspection process includes a complete and thorough visual inspection of the crane or below-the-hook lifting device.
  • The inspection is conducted in the following manner:
    • Conduct visual inspection of the entire crane or lifting device and supporting structure, if applicable.
    • Conduct a function test checking for proper operation of the following:
      • All controls, mechanisms, operating systems and brakes
      • All safety devices and limit switches
      • All operator aids
      • Rated load test, if desired
  • Inspection of load hooks shall include visual inspection for distortion, wear or damage.
  • Shall not include any disassembly or removing any cover or guard. The customer is to provide mechanic support.
  • Recommendations for additional specialized tests if applicable.
  • Maintain and store inspection records for seven years.

Upon completion of the inspection the CICB’s inspector will conduct a verbal out brief with the customer’s representative to discuss the findings and results of the inspection. A written report will be left with the customer’s representative that contains all the recommendations and deficiencies found in the inspection.

When required, a report containing the findings will be forwarded to the appropriate regulatory agency.

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