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CICB invites you to ‘Eat with the Experts’, our Q&A lunch at CONEXPO 2020.

Take a break from the bustle of CONEXPO and sit down with industry experts including Jim D. Wiethorn, Ph.D., P.E., as well as CEO of the NCCCO, Thom Sicklesteel. Bring any crane, lifting & rigging question you can think of and have them answered by the best in the business. Questions can be practical or theoretical in nature and submitted either in person, before the event, or electronically at the event.

In December 2018 OSHA introduced mandatory certification for all crane operators. Familiar terms are being redefined. The goal posts for compliance are shifting endlessly. Are you up to date?

Are you aware,

  • That 93% of crane accidents are the result of human error, but that less than a third of those errors are made by the operator?
  • That a NCCCO card is NOT enough to qualify your operators?
  • That the only person who can sign-off on the qualification of your operators is the employer themselves?
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