November 19, 2014 CICB Press Release

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Top Trainer 2014, endorsed by Crane & Rigging Hotline Magazine and the ACRP has named Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau’s Senior Instructor/Inspector, Scott Crowder, as a Professional Top Trainer. This is the fifth time an instructor from CICB has been named a Top Trainer.


Each year, trainers in the crane and rigging field are recognized for having a positive impact on students, the work environment, or the industry by the publisher of Crane & Rigging Hotline magazine and the Association of Crane & Rigging Professionals (ACRP). Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau (CICB) trainers have received one of the prestigious awards in 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, and now once again in 2014.

The purpose of the Top Trainer awards is to bring attention to the importance of quality training of crane operators and riggers in order to prevent crane related accidents. The top trainers are recognized for their excellent training techniques, positive impact on their students, and their measurable success rate. Nominations are submitted for the trainers by their peers and co-workers along with satisfied students.

“The crane and rigging industry is safer due to the efforts of trainers, who not only teach others how to apply standards and regulations, but also provide sound, practical advice for improving crane and rigging operations”

Scott Crowder, a senior instructor/inspector at CICB, has received an award for 2014 in the Professional Top Trainer Category. Scott, whose vast experience with crane safety, is highly qualified and experienced as an instructor which allows him to provide superior training to students. “CICB takes pride in having professionally trained instructors who are all NCCCO Certified Crane Operators, as well as CCO Certified Riggers, Signalpersons, and Crane Inspectors”, says Jerry Longtin, General Manager of CICB. “The crane and rigging industry is safer due to the efforts of trainers, who not only teach others how to apply standards and regulations, but also provide sound, practical advice for improving crane and rigging operations.”

Alan Sutton, a safety consultant with Louisville Gas and Electric Co. and Kentucky Utilities Co. stated, “Scott is a great fit for the safety culture of our company and our no-compromise approach to safety”. CICB’s trainer Scott Crowder is known for his blended learning approach that delivers information through many different means, including verbal, written, electronic, and hands-on demonstration. Scott is an obvious choice when it comes to top instructors in the Crane industry, and he well deserves this recognition for the 2014 Top Trainer award.

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About Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau (CICB):

The goal of CICB’s inspections and training programs are to reduce accidents and injuries, increase worker skills, productivity and morale, and achieve regulatory, best practice and corporate compliance, and lower maintenance costs, increase reliability and life of the equipment. CICB, headquartered in Orlando, FL since 1969 with a second training facility in Houston, TX, offers scheduled training programs at our facilities and at various locations across the U.S. or customized on-site training at your facility. CICB also provides training and inspections internationally.


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