Pioneering Change since 1969

With 53 years’ experience in the crane and rigging sector, CICB has been a consistent pioneer in developing safety programs for the heavy lifting industry.

While the core fundamentals of our training will remain the same as long as the physics of a lift stays constant, there will always be iterations that track the ever-changing legal landscape.

The ANSI/ASME standards form the backbone of the industry and are incorporated by reference into the relevant OSHA regulations.

Since ASME’s standards are on a 3 or 5-year cycle (depending on the publication), there are changes and updates that must always be made to training programs to ensure the product our customers receive is consistently aligned with industry best practice and legal requirements.

Operator Certification

At times, changes to these requirements have a game-changing effect on the industry.

Probably the most notable change was the introduction in February 2019 of mandatory certification for all mobile crane operators working in construction.

This led to a surge in candidates for the NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator certification. In response, CICB ramped up its existing preparatory training programs.

ASME B30.5 2021

The recent update to ASME B30.5 will have just as much of an impact.

In section 5-3, ASME introduce to the industry a requirement for rigger qualifications.

Specifically, there ought to be at least one qualified rigger on any job site where a mobile crane is being used, regardless of industry.

Critically, the definition of “qualified” includes proof of successful completion of a written and practical examination that covered certain, specific topics.

Finally, the designation “qualified” is made by the employer on the basis of these examinations.

CICB’s New Rigging Programs

In response to this new requirement, CICB is taking the lead in the training sector by introducing a new, tiered suite of rigging programs.

CICB Class C Rigger – Previously known as ‘BRSP’, this comprehensive rigging class serves as a foundation for riggers new to their craft as well as experienced hands. Attendees will receive a certificate of completion and will be competent to work under the leadership of a qualified rigger.

CICB Class B Rigger – A 3-day program that mirrors Class C, with an additional day of practical, hands-on evaluation and examination. The training and exams will provide the evidence necessary for employers to designate their riggers as “qualified”. The revised curriculum and pioneering, robust practical examination for Class B Riggers will capture everything specified in ASME B30.5-3 as necessary for the qualification of your riggers.

CICB Class A Rigger – Customized, advanced rigging programs, tailored specifically to the unique needs of the customer. Typically, 4-5 days long, this training meets all the requirements for qualifying your riggers, with the addition of the complex scenarios unique to your lifts.

CICB will continue to offer preparatory training for CCO Rigger I & II with the understanding that many employers and contracts require national certification in addition to qualification.


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