Three industry experts weigh in on the growing need for Lift Director Certification.

With countless positions necessary to keep a job site up and running, it is crucial to have a member of the team who is able to lead the planning and execution of the lifting tasks at hand. This being said, there is not only an increasing interest in Lift Director Certification but also a bonafide need that’s been made more apparent through the years. According to Craig Epperson, president, and CEO of Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau, employers are now understanding more clearly that a safe lift begins with proper planning by a qualified Lift Director.

“If all the key components necessary for the safe execution of a lift are not in place at the outset, it may be too late to fix a potentially disastrous problem in the field,” said Epperson. “Secondly, employers are understanding more clearly that a competent and qualified person that is tasked to direct all lifts lowers the accident rate which leads directly to cost savings through reduced damage to materials and products lifted and reductions in personnel injuries. The mitigation of risk associated with lifts directly correlates to the level of expertise of each employee that is involved in the lift.

Having a third-party assessment is essential when determining that the person designated to direct any lifting operations has been evaluated as to their knowledge and ability to perform these tasks competently. Furthermore, organizations have realized that having an NCCCO Certified Lift Director as part of their team has also resulted in winning more bids on crane and rigging projects and also lowers their insurance premiums. Those already certified as operators, riggers, and Signalpersons are seeing the need and are adding lift director certification to their credentials.”

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