Is a CCO Certification Mandatory for Crane Operators?

The NCCCO was initially developed as a voluntary certification program. However, in 2010, Federal OSHA published new construction regulations requiring crane operator training certification/qualification nationwide by November 10, 2014.  Although the new rule does provide options, third-party certification, such as that provided by NCCCO, is likely to be the most cost-effective and accessible method used to meet the new requirements. Additionally, many employers have made CCO certification mandatory for employment. CICB has been associated with the NCCCO program since their inception and strongly believes these certification programs are the most comprehensive in the crane and lifting industry.

CICB also offers a guarantee that all personnel attending their NCCCO Preparatory Program will successfully pass the written examinations and in the event, a student fails any of the written exams, they may attend another CICB NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Preparatory class without additional charges from CICB.   Please see our CCO Certification guarantee for more details.

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