Career School – NCCCO Preparatory

Recertification Seminar

Course Objective/Purpose: The NCCCO Preparatory Recertification seminar is designed for current NCCCO Certified Operators who need to recertify their national certification.  The seminar prepares the student for the NCCCO recertification written examinations. Classroom instruction is provided on NCCCO criteria for certification; written application is administered for load charts and rigging and signaling.  Students passing the recertification examinations will maintain their current NCCCO certification.

Course Outline
Main Topics or Lessons
Introduction and Course Objectives
Study and Test Taking Techniques
Policies, Standards, and Regulations
Operator Reference Material
Load Chart Lecture and Lab
NCCCO References
Domain Lecture and Lab
Key Points and Practice Test
NCCCO Recertification Written Exam

Subject Hours: 18 course time hours

Prerequisites: Current Certified NCCCO Crane Operator. High school level basic math and reading/comprehension skills.

Subject Description: The CCOP-Recert seminar is designed to prepare each student for the NCCCO recertification written exams for the core and all crane type specialty exams.  Upon completion of this seminar students will be prepared to take the NCCCO recertification written exams.

Upon successful completion of the seminar, the student will receive a CICB Certificate of Completion for the NCCCO Preparatory Seminar, and directly from NCCCO, a Certified Crane Operator card.

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